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Cathodic Marine Engineering Pte Ltd

Cathodic Protection Systems •Sacrificial anodes of Aluminium and Zinc for marine applications •ICCP -Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems •Reference Electrodes - Zinc / Silver- Silver Chloride •MGPS - Marine Growth Prevention Systems / Pipeline Anti Fouling Systems •Ti-Pt Titanium Anode •Electrochlorinator / Hypochlorite Systems •Propeller Shaft Grounding Systems / Silver Graphite Brushes / Slip Rings •Cathodic Marine Engineering Pte Ltd also does servicing and parts for MGPS and ICCP systems.

Cathodic Marine EngineeringCathodic Marine EngineeringCathodic Marine EngineeringCathodic Marine Engineering 


Address: Singapore, Singapore, 117684 10 Science Park Road , #03-17 , The Alpha , Singapore Science Park II

Contact person: Sales Department Rajamohan Ramasundran ,e-mail, website

Phone: +65 67770225

Fax: +65 67770226

Mobile: +90623623

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Propeller Shaft Grounding System
Propeller Shaft Grounding System provides a short circuit between the propeller shaft and the ship's hull.It prevents micro pitting at the propeller.Ensures excellent potential decomposition.The silver brushes ensure lubrication and long life
Cathodic Marine Engineering

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